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A long acting penicillin

Cefsel Inj.

A combination of Ceftriaxone potentiated with sulbactum to cure Hemorrhagic septicaemia, B.Q., Footrot, Mastitis, Septicaemia, Bone & Joint infections, Genital tract infections, urinary tract infections and post operative problems.


A combination of Amoxycillin + Dicloxacillin to cure Mastitis, Calf Scours, Haemorrhagic Septicemia, Brucellosis, Calf Enteritis, Retained Placenta, Metritis, Pyelonephritis, Salmonellosis and Respiratory Infections.


Potent amino glycoside with bactericidal action with long half life for curing acute, peracute subacute infections, Hemorrhagic Septicaemia, any chronic infection, respiratory tract infections and genital tract infections.

Mammicare Inj.

Ceftizoxime Sodium 3000 mg, one shot treatment for Mastitis,

Penrocin Oral

Broad Spectrum Bactericidal and Mycoplasmacida, Penrocin Oral is flouroquinolone antibiotic and is a bactericidal agent, with susceptiblebacteria cell death. Combination of Enrofloxacin.

Penrocin LA

Penrocin LA Inj. is a long acting antibiotic combination of Enrofloxacin IP, Benzyl Alcohol IP and Long acting Vehicles.

Penrocin Inj.

A bactericidal agent, with susceptible bacteria cell death occurring within short time of exposure. Act against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Its each ml contains Enrofloxacin 100mg.